The supply of LNG by ISO tanks is scalable and flexible.
lng virtual pipeline

The LNG ISO tanks and virtual pipeline enables to ship natural gas to remote areas and to many destinations & ports across the world at a competitive price and without the need of an LNG import terminal.

How it works

The LNG Container is the link that integrates the value chain of natural gas.

  • Natural Gas (Gas field)
  • LNG small scale LNG plant (Liquefaction & loading facility).
  • Loading of the ISO tanks and transportation to the port (or to the customers site on the local market).
  • Container vessel arrives at the loading port.
  • Transport of the LNG to the destination port.
  • Storage facility and or delivery by trucks to the customers site for storage and regasification.
  • Loaded ISO containers can also be parked on the customers site or unloaded into an onsite LNG storage tank. Hold time of the LNG in the ISO tank is up to 100 days.
  • Empty ISO tanks are returned to the port and or to the LNG Loading station. Operation repeats.
  • * Click here to watch a short video about the small-scale LNG virtual pipeline.

The main uses of LNG
  • Residential usage: Heaying, Cooling, Cooking, etc.
  • Industrial usage: Electricity generation, power plants, etc.
  • Commercial usage: Fuel for furnaces and boilers in a variety of manufacturing industries.
  • Feedstock for petrochemicals plants and manufactures.
  • Fuel used in natural gas vehicles (ex: trucks, marine bunkering, etc.)

The advantage of a virtual pipeline

Routes can be established to transport LNG by truck, rail or sea which offers a flexible, reliable and cost effective supply solution to natural gas ernd users. The cost to install a regasification unit at the customer’s site is also very low. The ISO tanks can last up to 15-20 years and can be use to transport the LNG internationally and to remote areas such as mine sites, remote communities, manufacturing facilities, small power plants, etc.

The small scale LNG virtual pipeline enables to deliver a safe, affordable and clean source of energy to different end users and for different type of industries and applications. Therefore it helps to reduce gas emissions on a global scale.

Click here to see a short video explaining the standard and Global LNG supply chain.

Small scale & Modular LNG Plants

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