LNG introducing broker
We collaborate with LNG consultants and introducing brokers.

An introducing broker (IB) is a broker who has a direct relationship with a client, a buyer or a end user of LNG but wish to introduce its client to another Company who can provide the required products or services. The introducing broker receives a referral fee from the merchant on a success basis only.

We encourage referrals and introduction from companies, consultants and professionals who have a direct LNG buyer (end user) and or a client who wish to purchase ISO tank containers and or Cryogenic equipment.

Every introduction is done on a cas-by-case basis and the introducing broker will have to let us deal directly with the end buyer.

How it works

If you are aware of a client who wants to buy ISO containers and or to import LNG, please contact us to discuss the scenario and procedures

Please note that he first step for our Company is to qualify the buyer and to know more about its needs. Therefore and if you wish to introduce a customer, please provide the information below so we can better evaluate your proposed business opportunity. We don’t work with broker chains.

Required information
  • Your name, Company’s name and contact info :
  • Your Buyer – Legal entity name :
  • Website or Company profile of the buyer :
  • Usage of the product:
  • LNG volume per month (or per year) :
  • Purchase or Leasing of the ISO tanks :
  • LNG Specs or quality range:
  • Destination Port :
  • Please confirm that Port accepts DG class 2.1 :
  • First shipment (which month) ?
  • Target price (per mmbtu or per MT) ?

* If your customer wants to purchase LNG Containers or LNG equipment, please provide the specific requirements :

Please note that you will only be contacted if our Group is not already in contact with your customer, if we are interested to work with your introduced client and or if we can bring an added value. If yes, we will keep you inform on the progress and developement about the business opportunity and you will also be informed if we can conclude a transaction with your customer.

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