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LNG Shipping & Logistics

Our Shipping and Logistic team specialize in LNG distribution by ISO tank containers. We can supply LNG to any port that accepts Dangerous Goods (class 2.1).

We work in collaboration with one of the world’s leading shipping and supply chain management companies and we can implement solutions in both freight management and logistics. We are dedicated to delivering effective and robust supply chain solutions in the LNG insustry and for our customers worldwide. Our privileged network in all the LNG supply chain gives us flexibility and the access to LNG at competitive prices.

Our Services
  • LNG supply and distribution
  • Port to Port LNG shipping
  • LNG Logistic services
  • LNG Drayage services
  • Customs clearance
  • Export & Import docs
  • Bill of lading
  • Port reservations
  • Storage of LNG containers
  • etc.

Click here if you have a Terminal Usage Agreement (TUA) and want to procure LNG SPOT cargoes.

We listen to the needs of each of our customer in order to find and create the best and the most flexible LNG supply solution to meet unique and specific requirement.

At every step, our LNG shipping & logistic team ensure world class quality service to the customers. We can arrange a tailored shipping solution for end users who wants to buy LNG by ISO tanks or by whole cargo. We can supply LNG to end users in different countries and to offtakers who are looking to secure a long-term LNG contract.

We work with all the major carriers and we find the best shipping routes for our international clients, distributors, agents and collaborators in Canada, USA, Europe, India, China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, South Africa, South America, etc.

Contact us if you want to buy LNG by ISO tanks and or if you need shipping and logistic services.

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