LNG Containers for Sale and for Lease

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LNG ISO Tanks are very popular due to the flexibility and affordability of the method to transport the product to remote areas and to end users who don’t have access to a standard receiving terminal.

Our proposed LNG ISO containers meets international standards and are designed for the transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas by ship, by rail and by road. The ISO tanks are available in size of 20 or 40 foot and with all certificates.

LNG ISO tanks
  • For Sale (most competitive prices)
  • For Lease (term of min 1 year).
  • Lease-to-buy option (term of 3-7 years term)

* A LNG ISO container can last for 15-20 years and with low annual maintenance cost.

* For the leasing options, the cost depends on the lease term and on the lessee’s credit.

LNG Supply & Distribution

The supply of liquefied natural gas by iso containers is flexible, fast and efficient for end users who are looking for a reliable, constant, affordable and cleaner source of energy.

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The Benefits of LNG ISO containers

When compared with the standard LNG vessels (tankers) and the gas pipeline, the ISO tank containers have the advantage to offer a flexible & reliable supply solution, convenient transportation mode, competitive prices, high LNG hold time inside the cryogenic tanks, etc.

Our team and partners in Canada are currently using LNG ISO tanks to export LNG to China and to different countries in Asia. We supply LNG by containers directly at the customers sites and they can use the tanks for storage purpose or they can use the product immediately by using a simple and low cost gasification module.

Product Features
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  1. The ISO tanks (T75) comply with ASME / GB and other international standards. The LNG containers meet the laws and regulations required across the world foir the transportation of liquefied natural gas by sea, road and railway.
  2. One ISO Tank of 40 foot contains approximately 18MT.
    This is equivalent to about 910 mmbtu or 42-45 CBM (m3)
  3. The LNG container is equipped with a built-in temperature measuring device, monitoring the temperature of the liquefied natural gas inside the tank in real time.
  4. The design of the tank and the manufacturing process enables the LNG to stay in the tank for more than 100 days (most efficient hold time is between 50-70 days).
  5. The LNG ISO tanks are equipment with valve design and with all needed components to transport LNG safely and efficiently to any destination ports or to remote areas.
  6. The LNG containers can be manufacturerd as per the specific requirements of the customers.

International Certifications

The LNG ISO containers that we propose are manufactured according to the UN Portable Tanks T75. Specifications meets international standards in order to ensure the safety of transport.

ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineering
IMDG : International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
CSA : Canadian Standard Association
CSC, etc.

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